Of Love, Peace, Nature and Grace


Looking through the window she sees a girl outside. Soft and peaceful. She is playing in the wet mud beholding the morning sun. She then starts running around the track that hugged the shore of the lake…

Serene white life full of love is all she has imagined. Clear. She wants to remain in the cool splashes of pastels of nature’s manifestations. A person like her dives head first into the world of beauty and romance. The radiant glow is all she needs. She imagines of sweet-scented breeze and floral surroundings that scatter over her moods and things she does, the grace she tries to carry…

She always looks for something to love within the pages of her life like a person who is always in a mood to indulge but has never got a place to start. She wants to revel in the freshness of nature and love…

She knows best things come loaded with regiment of hardships so she always tries to glam it up to move forward with grace. She wants a drape of elegance on her. She wants to wear a grace from head to toe…

“Treat yourself with romance (Nature & Love) and life will be serene”, she waves back in a hurry…


3 thoughts on “Of Love, Peace, Nature and Grace

  1. Not all persons explore the beauty of nature .Only very few has such ability ,To do so one has to en-shine his inner first…………Nice piece of work………Keep it up.

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